Empowering your vision and materialising your design, we are here to serve you best in every endeavour. Take your steps in the electronic world undoubtedly because we will hold your hand throughout the journey.

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What we do?

Through our work, we commit to transform your vision into your future.

Product Ideation

A structured process with effective gathering and implementing your ideas to build a tangible product based on it. We understand you have a vision and an image around that vision for your product, our quest is to translate that vision into reality.

Proof of concept (POC)

We verify whether your envisaged product is practically viable and how far will the intended goal and objective be achieved with your concept of the product.


Turning the POC into a slimmed down version of the end product to check its functionality and rectifying any errors encountered. This is achieved through designing a working product or service, PCB manufacturing, mechanical CAD and software design verification.

Electronics CAD

We Design and manufacture custom electronics parts for your prototype. Along with building custom printed circuit boards, sourcing parts and manufacturing.

Mechanical CAD

We Design and manufacture custom enclosure for various custom prototypes. Including performing necessary analysis on the parts and making sure it’s easy to 3D print as well as in injection moulding.

End Product

Our end product is achieved only after going through all the previous stages and ensuring the feasibility, efficiency and optimal functioning of the end product in real-world situations. This is because we earnestly believe in better sound through research.

Things We Build


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it to build a fully working prototype?

It depends on the complexcity of the product idea the client comes up with, sometimes the protoype can be done within a month and sometime it can take serveral months or upto a year.

What kind of products do you deal with?

We build prototype for smart product, which invovles design, electronic engineering, PCB desing and mechnical engineering.

Where can I contact for more information?

You can either send us a message from "contact page" *hyperlinked* or you can message us at, We'll get back to you within 24hrs.

Which countries you provide your services?

We ship prototype to almost every country. Our current and pasts clients are from Denmark, Brazil, United states and India.

Where is the prototype being developed?

Most of the prototypes are built within india but in some case the prototypes maybe devloped in other country where our engineers are remotely working.